Villa Manzoni

The house of Manzoni has always been source of attraction: the fact that the poet spent here his youth and here the plot of his novel "I Promessi Sposi", that is set on this lake, is born in his mind, has been a valid reason for the interest of many people.

Actually Alessandro Manzoni, that was born in Milan in 1785, spent here at Caleotto a big part of his childhood. The Manzoni moved here approximately in 1620 from the Valsassina; the villa had then radicals modifications. According to Polvara's opinion, the building was rebuilt including part of older building (one of them dated 1648), not before 1770.
Alessandro Manzoni, who was first deputy in some - General Assemblies - of the Townhall of Lecco between 1816 and 1817, had to sell all the property at the Caleotto to the Scola family in 1818. He came back last time in 1821.

In the Villa there is the rich Pinacoteca of paintings of Lombardic School of the XVII and XVIII century. Moreover, several pictures of the lecchese Carl Pizzi dedicated to the City are exposed; contemporary paintings and sculptures by Dorazio, Baj and Cavaliere given by a group of - Friends of the Museum. Remarkable the central hall, with classical decorations, ascribed to the reshuffles made by Manzoni; in the halls several family memories are kept.



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