Manzoni's routes

The Lecco area is the narrative space in which it develops much of the most famous Italian novel. A context which now provides the opportunity to follow the events of -Promesi sposi- and enter directly in the scenarios immortalized by Manzoni.
For those who arrive in Lecco it is almost impossible not to be captivated by the views of the Resegone, the mountain peaks and ridges all overlooking the city and, along the lake, opens the pages of the Italian novel more celebrated in the world. One can rightly say that the whole territory of Lecco is pervaded by the soul of Manzoni and his creative genius. With a little 'patience and a bit of imagination you can draw real routes running through most of the novel, which does lead exactly in the places that Manzoni described in a masterly way and recognize even the atmosphere today.

Castle of the Unnamed

Coming from Calolzio, on the border with the province of Bergamo, you can admire the background immediately Manzoni and gaze lingers on a spur of Magnodeno, on which lies the monastery of St. Jerome. You reach it from Vercurago for a little road, steep but convenient to Somasca. Along a path lined with chapels, we come up over the hermitage, where tradition places on the castle of. The old shack has a residual high tower on Lake Olginate, from which we contemplate the placid expanse in its varied landscape.

Church of the Blessed Serafino - Closed

Cited in Chapter XXIII of the Betrothed of the episode of the Unnamed and Cardinal Federigo Borrome. Catch and lucia is clearly defined as the ward church closed. Inside Renaissance frescoes attributed to Baschenis.

Church of Pescarenico - Convent of Fra 'Cristoforo

Capuchin monastery built in 1576. Situated next to the road to Bergamo, in 1798 it was transformed into a barracks for the French troops, in 1810, sold to individuals. It contains one of the most unique works of art of Lecco: it is nine glass houses containing compositions in polychrome wax referable to the Neapolitan culture of the late seventeenth century; They represent seven of scenes of Christ and the Virgin and two scenes from the life of St. Francis and St. Clare. Inside an altarpiece painted by Giovan Battista Crespi said Cerano (1600) illustrates the patron Francis and Gregory the Great adoring the Trinity.


... -E 'Pescarenico a terricciola, on the left bank of the Adda, or let us say the Lake, not far from the bridge: a small group of houses, inhabited for the most part by fishermen, and adorned here and there with nets hung out to dry ...-. From the time of Manzoni's description, there is very little to change. Some houses embellished and some new buildings give a more modern tone in this part of the old Lecco.

Lucia's House

... -Dominate By these thoughts, he passed in front of his house, which was in the middle of the village, and, crossing it, walked to that of Lucia, who was in I plow, indeed a bit 'off. He had that little house a small courtyard in front, separating it from the street, and was surrounded by a murettino-. (I understood). ... -e, Saw deserted and quiet outside, he brought out two of those evil, he told them, scalar adagino the wall that enclosed the courtyard, and fell inside, hiding in a corner, behind a large fig tree. ..-. (Chap. VIII). The alleged home of Lucia is located in the hamlet of Olate, designated by various scholars as the village of the Spouses. Through a portal, decorated with sixteenth-century Annunciation, it passes in the rustic courtyard, dominated by an old -colombera- tower. Tradition records another house of Lucia in via Resegone, in Acquate village, where there is an old inn and the entire courtyard is clearly observed the Hill Mansion Don Rodrigo.

Church of Don Abbondio

The Olate church, dedicated today to the Saints Vitale and Valeria, was the parish of birth of Lucia village. According to a tradition still alive today between those who choose to celebrate marriages with the Catholic rite, site of the ceremony must be the parish of the bride. Following this tradition so just the pastor Olate (Betrothed Don Abbondio) would have to officiate the wedding of Renzo and Lucia. Then everyone knows how the events of the novel have made this troubled marriage, the fact is that the source views rather ancient church of Olate, Manzoni must have made some reference to that which is still home to one of the parishes of Lecco.
Moreover, the alleged home of Lucy (much less actually post that Manzoni has done rifermento in a real house of the district) is not more than 50 meters from the square outside the church.



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