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This small territory is able to offer a beautiful landscape with such different aspects, more than in any other place in Italy. In fact we come across from the brianzola Plain to the PreAlps that embrace the first basin of the branch of Como. It is an inimitable environmental belt, since the prehistorical age, mankind has understood how much was gradevole to live in this area, and after the Renaissance, was destination of travellers, searchin for the lost paradise, but above all for historical and real characters, writers, poets, men of letters and philosophers.

The sides of the river basin of Como are tacked from many villas, encircled from luxuriant parks that, with their royalty, are evidence of the fascination that the country of Como exerted during the years. Towns composed by stone houses characterize these shores, that have a bewitched aspect, and where time seems to have stopped. The most important city is obviously Como, that gives the name to the lake. It was built more than two thousand years ago by the Romans, and nowadays it is the center of the country where history, art, culture, cohabit with the industry and the commerce in a scenery to which the lake, with its continuous renew of colours and atmospheres during the different seasons, gives a frame of particular beauty. The city of Como is famous for its silks too; well-known for its fineness and originality. Another handicraft in the neighbouring towns, exactly in the city of Cantù "city of furniture ", is the one of the wood. Furnish of fine workmanship are made with more or less valuable woods, in order to satisfy every requirement.




CernobbioCernobbio stands near the stream Breggia, on the lake, at the foot of Monte Bisbino, with its different hamlets that form one of the biggest towns of the Lario.

Cernobbio, of ancient origins, succeeded to obtain in XIII century priv ...

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BrunateThe small village, probably of Celtic origin, is located on a wooded plateau and can be reached from the city by road or in a few minutes by funicular.

Because of its strategic position at Como was pressing a lot, he was never able to beco ...

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Carate Urio

Carate UrioThe City was established administratively in 1927 with the merger of Urio and Carate Lario. In 1647 Carate became a fief of Gallio, the Dukes of Alvito, Urio, in 1731, it was granted to the Della Porta.
Both centers have ancient origins testifie ...

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MoltrasioThe picturesque village, another famous tourist center of the lake, is crossed by a stream that swells after the rains, forms a noisy waterfall jumping out a deep valley, this was especially admired by Vincenzo Bellini, the famous composer that the c ...

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LaglioLaglio and its hamlets are charming, full of light and scents. The hamlet of Torriggia is lied down on the tip that goes to the lake and constitutes, with its 650 meters, the most narrow point between the two sides of the Lario and also the po ...

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BriennoMedieval village perched on the mountain slopes and intersected by alleys and stairways.

On the ancient origins, it was inhabited even before the Roman settlements as shown by the discovery of pagan areas dated fourth and fifth centuries. ...

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BlevioIt consists of seven hamlets, -the city- seven, mostly climbing on steep slopes of the mountains beyond.

For almost all the houses in the country has a large and enchanting views that made Blevio the selected site, in the past, for the con ...

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TornoIt is pleasantly located on a promontory in front of Moltrasio at the foot of Mount Bisbino and Colmegnone, is distinguished by the typical characteristics of the medieval town: narrow and winding alleys, houses with stone doorways with wrought iron ...

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Pognana-Faggeto Lario

faggeto pognana larioThe city of territory Pognana Lario part from the lake shore and climb up to Mount Preàola, with a succession of small villages of considerable environmental interest divided by the deep valley of Rovasco that leaves to the right and left Ro ...

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Nesso CarenoThe old town, consists of picturesque groups of houses scattered on the mountain slopes and on the banks of the lake, is known since the Middle Ages as the most important church of this shore, defended the castle besieged by Como during the ten-year ...

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