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Craft and industry

The provinces of Como and Lecco were among the first areas to be industrialized in Italy. They are historically very important especially in the industrial sector characterized by the presence of many textile and woodwork factories. Since ancient times, Como has been renowned for woolen-cloth manufacturing. During the 1300s this artefact was forwarded not only to Venice and Genoa but also to transalpine markets.

Woolen cloth-manufacturing roles were offered above all to women who concentrated on the quality and not the quantity of production in order to overcome the fearful competition of Asian countries.
Today we can still find a street in the city named "Via Pannilani" (Woolen cloth Street). However the textile trade is to be more commonly found in the areas around Como for example in Bellagio, where printworks, dye houses, workshops which manufacture ties, silk scarfs, clothes, and other workshops which weave cloth for interior decorating.

The importance of this sector is confirmed by the number of museums in and around Como and by a technical institute set up in order to train students in the field of textiles. The town of Cantù specializes in woodwork laboratories. Carpenters produce all kinds of furniture in wood of all qualities satisfying the needs of every customer. These works can be found in exhibition areas in Cantù, in shops around the province or just by visiting the craftsmen's workshops. In certain areas of Brianza able craftsmen can be seen making wicker and cane furniture.



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